Fair Nuova Delhi

Wood automatically evokes a sensation of age and it is the key to our love of all things natural, the success achieved at the fair in New Delhi  by the Italian- Indian company Lariya Art Palace Pvt. LTD., founded by Andrea DONDENA and Raju Mehta,, with whom INDESIO collaborates, is an ulterior proof of this fact which has been recognized by the Indian Government officials as well.

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The heat of the essences

They are the ideal solution for those who want a traditional style, able to create an intimate and solid atmosphere and for those who seek the authentic taste of fine materials such as marble and wood.

INDESIO designs and manufactures this kitchen with marble  Nembro Rosato.

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Marble as high design object

Not only floors and walls, but also of furniture; a masterful use of marble for the creation of high design objects.
Presented during the weeks in Carrara marble, in collaboration with Rimadesio, a door born from the union between innovative technology and preciousness of marble.
For two-way sliding opening or single, a marble door gives your living space a modern taste, of great value and strong personality, which the quality of the marble will take center stage .

Wood Design

Con le sue tonatità calde e avvolgenti, il legno crea armonia e benessere; per queste qualità lo vediamo protagonista delle tendenze abitative  2017. Adatto a tutti gli ambienti della casa, dal pavimento, arredi in stile classico o moderno,  all’outdoor.

In aumento per i pavimenti,  la richiesta  di posa a spina di pesce tipica degli anni ’60/’70 e la reintroduzione degli splendidi  pavimenti a quadroni dal sapore di antichi pavimenti di vecchi palazzi storici.

The elegance of White Onyx

Pure white, pure and precious onyx, coming from the quarries of ancient Persia.
Its white color sometimes cloudy, gives the material an extreme elegance; its structure is homogeneous and perfect for elegant indoor settings eclusive, chic and glamorous.
If backlighting is also possible to see the different layers that make it up and that are expressed in a unique way.



The Inlay Poetry

It is in the “Bergamo’s” province that Indesio Creative met a Master Ebanista Intarsiatore, “Mario Moriggi.

His passion for art, the use of manual techniques both ancient and modern laser made technologies, create unique pieces that are not afraid of competition; Studio Inlay” is the dialogue between the present and the past that shapes precious artifacts that are among the most important in the world.


Ancient tradition of ceramic crafts

Date back to the fifteenth century, the first traces of ceramic art in the Italian cities, of high artistic value production centers, also for the painted decoration; artists and craftsmen make with ancient techniques and decoration only by hand, ceramics characterized by motifs and figures belonging to the Mediterranean culture, the intersection of traditional motifs, made of floral plots and scenes from real life.

The production of floors and walls entirely finished and decorated by hand, combining the respect of the ancient techniques, the adoption of the most advanced technologies to ensure the strength, durability and ease of use.




The focus on the search for Indesio was captured by the typical Mediterranean atmosphere of “Vietri sul mare”, a treasure of cultures and traditions; handmade tiles of rare beauty, decorate homes and environments throughout the world.
And ‘ceramics that becomes art, nature comes to life on the glazed surfaces by the precious touch of expert decorators, centuries of history of this area narrated the wide range of manufactured tiles.