Date back to the fifteenth century, the first traces of ceramic art in the Italian cities, of high artistic value production centers, also for the painted decoration; artists and craftsmen make with ancient techniques and decoration only by hand, ceramics characterized by motifs and figures belonging to the Mediterranean culture, the intersection of traditional motifs, made of floral plots and scenes from real life.

The production of floors and walls entirely finished and decorated by hand, combining the respect of the ancient techniques, the adoption of the most advanced technologies to ensure the strength, durability and ease of use.




The focus on the search for Indesio was captured by the typical Mediterranean atmosphere of “Vietri sul mare”, a treasure of cultures and traditions; handmade tiles of rare beauty, decorate homes and environments throughout the world.
And ‘ceramics that becomes art, nature comes to life on the glazed surfaces by the precious touch of expert decorators, centuries of history of this area narrated the wide range of manufactured tiles.