Indesio stands out as a highly skilled company boosting highly skilled Italian workers featuring a historical synergy between ordinary production and extraordinary customization by creating tailor-made solutions for both furnishing and design.

Indesio stands out as a benchmark brand either in Italy and abroad  for “high Italian craftsmanship”, being addressed to excellence-fans. For decades their own research has been expressed by the ability in developing unique and distinguished projects, whose artistic inspiration has been able to create cutting-edge solutions; materials are indeed transformed and translated into very unique and special masterpieces.

Indesio stands out as a leading brand in Design as well as Marble, Wood and Iron working. Besides directly manufacturing, Indesio uses professionalism and expertise to act as a main interlocutor in the international market. Thanks to their own network of architects and interior designers, they can design, furnish and produce exclusive solutions: from restyling activity through transformation of existing spaces up to the architecture of new interior and exterior settings. They fulfill expectations and meet the requirements of any scrupulous customer: the ideal operating partner and qualified interlocutor of architects and professionals.

Indesio indeed is addressed by those who want to develop and fully accomplish uncommon Architecture and Design projects: from sophisticated House Design featuring a cutting-edge concept in style capable of combining neoclassicism, eclecticism and minimalism, through the refined spaces of Resorts up to the exclusive and innovative solutions of Wellness Centers.

Indesio stands out in Design as a Metaphor and a Creation of the Soul.

Our Objectives

  • Development and constant market update

  • Project-designing of interiors and exteriors

  • Year-long experience and reliability

  • Competitive craftmanship.

Skilled Team

Rosanna Sorio

Photo 03a

The several decades of experience developed in the marble and design fields allowed her to set up her own business and become “an entrepreneur for herself”, a very charismatic personality that has been able to make of her profession the right means of communication for the right relationship with the others. In 1998 she established “Marmo Design”, a manufacturing business where she has been a project manager so far developing exclusive and ambitious projects to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Her distinct operational and management skills along with the working methods, techniques and tools make her an outstanding interlocutor in the field. Her “modus operandi” is based on an eclectic, dynamic and introspective personality constantly striving for perfection. Looking-ahead is a constant perspective of her profession, a way of playing the role of a Direct Manager in the “Indesio” Group, aiming at establishing the new brand for the “High Italian Craftsmanship”.