An elegant and exclusive environment characterized of materials sophisticated in the form and materials; the pool, of rectangular shape, continues to the outside park thanks to a fully glazed sliding wall.

The profile runs along the entire perimeter of the pool, walkways lined with marble Trani brushed that extend up to the outer area; the bottom wall along which flow the water cascades, consists by three niches carachterized by reliefs in marble Sivec White; the reinforced concrete structure of the pool is covered with glass mosaic, based on various design solutions and in different shades of green as the grand staircase of access to the pool; columns and string courses in Trani marble  attributed to this pool living a classic and elegant taste, extremely refined and sophisticated in all its solution.

    Indesio specializes in the production of coatings , mosaics and marble borders for swimming pools  glass, travertine, limestone and onyx both national and foreign. Thanks to the many types of materials , we can provide a wide range of colors that can satisfy the most varied customer requirements.
    Great importance in the creation of a pool of great value is the pose that must be performed by specialized personnel who are able to better harmonize the colors and the veining of marble and which uses specific treatment products and adhesives for this kind of materials that preserve the beauty and luster over time.
    Indesio is able to offer a complete service around the world in the production and installation of pool coatings.